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Wah...MQA visit dh lepas:)

Ahlan Wasahlan everyone... We meet again today haa.. Hehe..MQA visit to my college, Kolej Teknologi Antarabangsa Cosmopoint ( 27&28 Apr 2009) was to check our college courses' certificate.. wether it meets the standard level.. They came to check our fantastic course, Dip. in Computer Graphic Design.. in order to renew our license of accreditation. It's expired this year.. I am one of the students who took part in the presentation in front of 3 representatives from MQA. MQA stands for Malaysian Qualifications Agency or its old name, LAN( Lembaga Akreditasi Negara).

Do you know the person in that portrait? hehe.. If not.. He's Shane(Westlife):p It's my presentation table, full of my artworks.

Woohooo... They asked us too much questions during the presentation. I represented Graphic Illustration II. Most of the artworks are mine:) I explained the artworks one by one... with my heart pumped so hard. haha.. But, I did a great job. He said that I'm talented in drawing. Especially figure drawing. One of my copyright artwork from great master art, Georges Seurat really attracted one of the visitors. He said it looks so artistic and valueable. It is "The Eiffel Tower". Honestly, I just did the painting in one night!! It was a hard night when i rushed to complete the project. I really think it is simple and not so artistic. But, my lecturer also said it looks so artistic. Well... maybe the artists know better than me:) Btw... Thanks and alhamdulillah...

Hmm.. how about this? the first painting ( an old man with a guitar) is not mine. It was painted by my friend, Lee Joo Han. Great right? All the artworks beside it are all mine:)

The portrait of shane( use of color pencil). The painting beside it is "The Eiffel Tower" that I told you before. Huhu....



 The order of portraits will be opened to public visitors starting on the end of May 2009. Anyone who's interested, drop me a message and put your order first. Only 3 portraits order per month!!


T-Shirt Design

RedFlower Design-CODE 0001
Circles of life-CODE 0002

Hello everyone~;)
How are you today? What is the most special thing happen to you today? Are you dreaming of having your own unique design on your t-shirt? Just express your idea and concept of design that you want the most. I'll try as best as I can to enhance by adding more elements on your t-shirt and start designing via computer technology:)

Sounds interesting?

Just look at the two pictures above. Those are two of my t-shirt design collection. All you have to do is asking for my service in designing on your t-shirt. You can read the steps of order at the left sidebar. After finishing the payment, I'll send the adobe illustrator file(contains the design file). then, u may bring the design to any company that offers t-shirt printing. There's a lot of those companies today, right? Easy, right?

Hmm... Everybody's asking about the price. I just put RM20 for each t-shirt.

Not too bad huh..? U can have it now!!:)

Attention Please!!

I'm so sorry for the cancellation of portraits order from you. I don't have much time to accept portraits order at this time. Maybe after finishing my final project and exam, i'll be able to accept any order of portraits. Or, if you don't mind, you can place your order first and I'll inform you about the time your order will be done. All I need is your contact number. 

If you want me to draw caricatures, I think I got no problem.... :)

Boring laa...

Ari ni Qiss takde klas... So, boleh la qiss update blog qis ni. Td pagi qiss bgn lewat sgt.. Bukan bgn pagi dh...tp tgh hari..

:p hehehe...

Erm.. then smpai la barang dr KL yg qiss bli... Qiss mintak org blikan.. Dia post guna SkyNet tau( sibuk je nk bgtau)..

  • Barang yg dimaksudkan adalah artist canvas 24''x30''... Qiss dh cari kt KB tp dh abes katenye... Tu yang qis mintak abg qiss blikan... RM20+... Trpaksa... Lecturer suh bli canvas size tu.. For my final project Graphic Illustration. Kitorang diberi tugasan individu untuk hasilkan poster filem. 
  • Filem tu tak boleh filem kartun.. kene ada life figure, animal or object yg real la... mcm kete ke... then kene buat campuran penggunaan bahan supaya leh hasilkan kesan 3D kt kanvas tu. Contohnya, kene ada elemen kt kanvas tu qiss buat 3D(timbul dari permukaan kanvas)..
  • Erm...agak serabut gak pk pasal final project nih...
  • BUT!!! Qiss dah buat final decision.. Qiss pilih filem HARRY POTTER & the SORCERER's STONE!!! amacam? ok x? Hopefully, qiss dpt buat ngn cntk:)
Gambar kt atas tu adalah gmbr Kaspersky Internet Security yg qis pesan bersama Kanvas tu... yg sebelah tu keychain n magnet.{hadiah dr abg ali:)}hehe... thanks abg... Dia bli kt Cameron ari tu.. Ada 1 lg gmbr pttnye... Baju color orange yg ada tulis Cameron Highland... :0

Di kesempatan qiss berceloteh kt sini, here it is.. Portrait yang qis penah hasilkan sblm ni.. mcm yang korang nak tgk... tgk la gmbr kt bwh ni ye:) qiss ni takdelah pro sgt.. Tp, qiss gerenti, hasilnya boleh tahan tau..haha.

 Confirm xnyesel deh kalau order..

P/s: Korang juga boleh je anta gmbr bf/gf korang... then anta kt qiss... boleh wat surprise bday ke...:) mesti dia suka tgk muka dia dilukis atas kertas... or maybe korang leh gak order caricature... poster maybe:)

Ape2 je la... Janji order ngn qiss tau!! Email kalau ada ape2 permintaan k.


Caricature drawing..nk order tak?

Hello..Selamat berjumpa lagi..hehe...
Anyone who wanna order any caricature of yourself, let me know. I usually draw caricatures by hand and color it using color pencil. I also accept order of portrait. U can choose the media. either pencil, color pencil, or charcoal. I'm just an amateur artist and designer. So, I put the price as low as I can coz this is just the very beginning.

Guess who they are?:)

Those caricatures are all made by my hand... If you are interested to have caricature just like above,but of your own face, just email me at:


So, what are you waiting for?? Have one cute caricature of yourself now!!:) Postage is within Malaysia. 

Feel So Fresh!!

Assalamualaikum and Hello to all the visitors... 

Actually, I'm new here and i'd just started creating this blog.. I don't know what to do.. So, this is just a great trial.. Hopefully it works.